29 Aug


This week is my last week of classes before finals! I can't believe how fast this trip has gone by and I am feeling very sad about leaving in just over a week. However, I now feel very confident about living here and can get almost anywhere without navigation (which for me, is a very big deal!) One thing that I was worried about before coming to Italy was going grocery shopping. However, since I moved into my apartment here, I have gone grocery shopping successfully several times and I actually enjoyed it! The grocery stores here have such a good variety of high quality food for much cheaper than you would find it in the states. I know this will be something that I miss greatly when I return home. This week, I got to visit the Gucci museum, something I actually didn't even know existed. The museum was designed to showcase all of the different Gucci collections in unique and interactive ways. I gained a new appreciation for Gucci after learning about the different messages that each collection is portraying. I also got to visit the Uffizi art Gallery and the Piti Palace, both of which I have been really excited to visit since getting here. Both of these museums house art that cannot even be thoroughly described by someone like me. Everything I viewed was beautiful and had so much history behind them. Visiting the Piti Palace made me realize how much I love viewing and analyzing Neo-classist art. The art was not confined to just the paintings, everywhere you looked was a piece of art. My favorite part of my visit was looking up at the ceilings filled with different images, scenes, and patterns. I was completely mesmerized by their beauty and I could have just laid down on the ground and started up at them for hours. After a long, yet enjoyable week of classes, I got on my last train ride of the trip to travel to Rome. I only spent one day in there, so I had a very busy day of exploring to do. The city is actually not what I expected it to be, which was surprising to me. I would compare the city to big cities in America without all of the digital advertisements like New York, and with ancient ruins on every corner. Exploring the city was fun, but of course, the main event was visiting the Coliseum. There are no words to even describe how insane the Coliseum was in person. I felt so small walking around the inside and outside of it because of how large it is in scale. I was speechless the whole time and I still can't believe that I got to see it. Rome portrayed Italy in such a different light compared to Florence and I cannot wait to return one day to see and explore more of it. 

For more photos, visit the week 4 gallery!

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